Are you searching for the cheapest camping gear you can find? Looks like that’s not a good idea, at all.

expensive camping gear

I was reading this article on – “When to Buy Brand Names: Sometimes, the Splurge Is Worth It

They had this to say about camping, hiking and other “extreme” gear:

If you plan on camping in the mountains in winter, you really don’t want to rely on that $20 sleeping bag you got from Walmart. It may look the same as the $500 Marmot sleeping bag, but you’ll discover the difference when the temperature drops and you’re an ice cube shivering with regret. Your tent also needs to be good quality, and if you’re hiking, your gear needs to pass muster. If you plan on doing a little rock climbing, you don’t want to entrust your life to cheap and shoddy “knock off” brands. This is not just a bit of fun; it’s your life. So, when you’re off into the wilderness, take the biggest and best brand names your budget can afford. That advice does not come from me by the way, as I don’t camp. It comes from several of my good friends here in Colorado who do it every weekend, and they swear by their expensive brand names. They’d rather eat ramen for a week and buy a good one than entrust their lives to cheap trash.

Even though his guy isn’t a camper, he’s going off of his friends advice that live in Colorado and camp every weekend. While I don’t camp every weekend, I would have to agree. The good part is there’s quiet a few great brand names in camping, such as Coleman.

For my equipment and gear reviews, I always consider the customer reviews first. I also go off of the best selling products. I figure if people are buying it and leaving good reviews, then it’s up to my reader’s standards.

Not everyone can afford the top of the line product, that’s why I always list the top 5 or 10. That way you can have a good selection and pick out which one suits you the best.

Here’s some reviews I’ve done in the past:

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If there’s anything you are struggling with, please let me know. I would be glad to share my resources and knowledge with you.

Share your knowledge. What do you think when it comes to camping gear? Is expensive brand name stuff the way to go?

In my experience, camping gear is meant to last a long time. I remember when I was a kid, we always had the same tent, sleeping bags, cooking gear, etc.

There’s no reason it shouldn’t be the same today.

So, in the end, I don’t think you should buy the most expensive item you can afford. I believe you should read reviews and take the price into consideration. Even if you can afford the top of the line sleeping bag, it might not be necessary if you are going camping in the backyard with your son.