If you are planning a camping trip with your family in the near future and are going to be bringing along your children with you, then one of the concerns you may have is what kind of food you are going to serve while you are out camping.

Camping Recipes for Kids

After all, children can be rather picky eaters, and being out camping can make it difficult to come up with camping recipes for kids that are easy enough to make with limited resources while still being affordable and something that your kids will want to eat. Luckily, there are some great recipes and ideas out there that are so simple and still guaranteed to make your kids’ mouths water!

If you are looking for camping recipes for kids in the form of breakfast foods, then you really cannot go wrong with campfire eggs. All you will need for this recipe is the eggs, cheese and any other add-ons that your child may like. You will also need a skillet to place over the camp fire. Simply mix and beat the eggs together onto the skillet and place over the fire while stirring them to scramble them. Add the cheese over top to melt to perfection, as well as any add-ons such as mushrooms that you child may enjoy. Be sure to let it cool down before serving!

Since one of children’s most commonly desired foods is pizza, the good news is that making pizza over a campfire is not only possible, but also extremely easy. All you will need for this recipe are flour tortillas to use as the crust and dough, some jarred pizza sauce, cheese, and your children’s favorite pizza toppings such as pepperoni.

You can even let your children help you make this for dinner over the campfire. All you have to do is put the sauce on the tortilla, add your cheese and toppings, and set the pizza, covered, over the campfire. Let it cook for a couple of minutes, or until the crust is crispy. Then, simply let it sit until it has cooled down enough for your child to safely enjoy.

If you are looking for camping recipes for kids for desserts, then you simply must try a campsite favorite known as Dirt Dessert! All you will need in order to make this are some Oreo cookies, gummy worms and Cool Whip. You can let your child help you to crush the Oreo cookies up until they are crumbled like dirt. From there, simply mix the cookie pieces with the Cool Whip and gummy worms. Not only will this be a delicious treat for your children, but it will also look like dirt with worms in it when it is all mixed together, which makes for a fun recipe as well.

Camping Eggs

Overall, there are all kinds of great camping recipes for kids out there. So even if you do not have all the cooking supplies available to you on a camping trip that you might have at home, that does not mean that it should be impossible to please your picky eater.