The Best Camp Food Ideas

Are you planning on taking a camping trip in the near future? If so, then you are probably already aware that you have a lot of planning to do as a way to ensure that you and everyone going on the camping trip with you can have a great time. And perhaps one of the best parts about camping is being able to make some great tasting camp food that is best made over a campfire or on the grill. So if you are looking for some great camp food ideas to try on your next camping trip, where should you begin and which different supplies should you buy?

Depending on the kind of food you like, there are many different kinds of food that are essentially past times of campers. Perhaps the first and best camping food that may immediately come to mind is to make s’mores. These are a great snack to enjoy around the camp fire, and many people enjoy them due to the fact that each person can make them on their own. S’mores are simple enough to make and consist of graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows.

All that needs to be done in order to make a s’more is to place a marshmallow or two on a stick and roast it over the fire. Then, using graham crackers as though they were the bread to a sandwich, the chocolate and roasted marshmallow are placed between the two. The end result is a great tasting snack that is fun to make and that everyone will be sure to want some more of.

There are other great camp food ideas to keep in mind as well, such as that of making hobo pies. These can be made in many different ways and with various different ingredients as well. For those who enjoy pizza, a pizza hobo pie can be made with a contraption that you can buy in most camping supply stores to make these hobo pies.

Best Camping Food Ideas

Essentially, to make one, a piece of bread is placed on one side of the pie holder. Then, ingredients can be added. For a pizza pie, one would add pizza sauce and cheese, as well as pepperoni. From there, one more piece of bread is placed on the top and the contraption is closed. Then, it is placed over the fire and flipped occasionally to cook the pies. Once it is done, it is just like eating a pizza and is a delicious snack or even a lunch or dinner that anyone can make in a matter of minutes.

Of course, other great camp food ideas include cooking over a charcoal grill, including anything from hot dogs and hamburgers to brats and shish kabobs. The possibilities for having a grill while camping are truly endless.

With so many great camp food ideas out there these days, it is really just a matter of deciding which ones sound best to you and which ones are going to be the most enjoyable to your family and friends on your upcoming camping trip.