Here are some great backpacking food idea that I’ve found. I will update this list soon.


Camping Potatoes

Image by dog.breath via Flickr

Baked potatoes (wrap in tinfoil, and bury under the campfire coals takes about 30 minutes ish and they’re done.

Roasted garlic -cut off top of garlic and pour on a little bit of olive oil, wrap in tin foil and bury in the camp fire for about 25 minutes ish… and spread on bread or whatever.

Spear a red pepper and hold over a campfire til the outside gets nicely charred – stick in a paper bag for about 20 mnutes and then peel off the charred layer – enjoy fresh roasted peppers also works with italian peppers, yellow peppers and green peppers but red are the sweetest.

Shish kebobs – spear chicken chunks (that you’ve marinated in italian dressing in a ziplock baggie) with some veggie chunks over the open fire.

I’ve just decided, that Vodka makes everything better… (Working on camping food menu)


What are some of your ideas?